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To All the Teachers out There..

In this new era of virtual learning, teachers everywhere managed to transform a whole educational system in a matter of days. Distance learning in midst of it all, has never been done like this before on such a wider national and international scale. What other profession do you know that has been able to accomplish this feat?

To all those teachers that are spending countless hours zooming with their students, preparing lessons, editing their videos, and collaborating with colleagues, your hard work will and has not gone unnoticed. Parents home with their children are now getting a small glimpse of what teaching is like and man, they are so appreciative of you now!

If we have learned anything throughout these unprecedented times is that we must show appreciation and support for an educational community that has gone above and beyond to support our students needs. We must take a moment to encourage, motivate and uplift each other for showing such dedication, commitment and continuously striving for excellence.

You guys are the real educational MVP's out there. So this post is for you! Shout out to all my colleagues, Franklin family, teachers, friends and administrators everywhere.

You're rocking this!

You've got this and together WE can do this!

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