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Happy Teacher's Appreciation Week!

Hey Teachers! This is YOUR week!!. Although, it's quite different from what we are used to and what we expected. Don't forget to celebrate it. As I look back at previous years, this has always been the moment where we go back and reflect on the WHY. Why did you choose this profession? Who inspired you? Why teach? Why?

I mean we all know why we teach right? To be educational rockstars and teacher famous of course! Ha!

What makes this profession different from all others, is that you bring value and enrichment into the lives of so many students throughout the years. It goes beyond academics and the walls of the classroom.

It's the moments of joy and learning, The AHA moments, when a struggling student finally gets that skill, the students that you'll remember forever, the ones that have touched your heart more than they will ever know. The excitement of students when they find joy in a project or experiment and you see it in their eyes. That moment when the students minds are sparked and a fire lights up inside of them and you can see their motivation come alive! It's THEM! It's your students.

Don't forget your Why. As educators, we must reflect on ourselves and look back at where we started and where we are now. Don't loose sight of the reason you chose this profession to begin with. Yes, it's hard. Administrators, parents, and students have expectations of you. I urge you to take a moment as this school year comes to close. Evaluate yourself and think about your Why.

Never loose touch with that passion for teaching and learning. You'll never know who you will inspire next. Happy teacher Appreciation week!

A Good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning- Brad Henry

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